Friday, 11 November 2011

The Honeymooners Visit Cornwall

The boys hired a motorhome for their honeymoon and after a couple of days staying at the Chichester Camping and Caravanning Club Site so they could ‘do’ Portsmouth, they made their way to the Tavistock Club Site where they stayed for the rest of the week.  They came down to Portreath today mainly to see Pam and bring her some ‘goodies’ from the day and to show her their photographs.   She had no idea they were visiting and it was a lovely surprise for her.

After the four of us had lunch at the Arms they took us for a drive to Perranporth in the motorhome.  We parked on the hill overlooking the beach …


and then walked down to the town and beach…


The plan was to have a cream tea back at the van but we were all so full after our lunch that we just had a biscuit with a cuppa while we watched the surfers.  The cream tea was saved for later …



On the dashboard they had Micky and Mickey plus a stiletto shoe!


We hadn’t had a proper look at their rings before, so now had a chance to read the writing on them …


They dropped us back home, popped round to say goodbye to Pam and then drove back to Tavistock.  

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jordiegirl said...

Another great post Sally-Ann. I never thought of hiring a motor home for a holiday but I expect they don't come cheap!!!! I'd love something like that but I'm not sure my boys would be so keen!!!