Thursday, 10 November 2011

Ed’s Return to Harbour

When I looked out this morning I noticed that Ed’s boat was missing from its mooring which meant that he had gone to sea on a fishing trip.  Nothing strange in that except that it’s now November and the weather can change dramatically at this time of year.

Hamish was fidgeting this afternoon and needed to go for a walk so I took him around the harbour.  Once his task was complete I just thought I’d pop up the steps to the look-out and I spotted a very small boat making its way back to the harbour.  Ed was returning home.  The problem was a huge great  wave that was building behind him and I had no idea if he knew it was there.  I whipped out my phone to take some photos and I had a terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that this was going to have a bad ending.  I seriously thought I was about to photograph a disaster but thankfully it had a happy ending.  As Ed approached I heard him gun his outboard and he managed to keep ahead of the wave and keep the boat in a straight line.  Any slight turn and he would have been flipped over.


I made my way back to his mooring and had a chat with him.  Apparently he is a non-swimmer and his life jacket was in the cuddy!!!!!!  I couldn’t believe that he was so stupid to be at sea alone with no life jacket on and he had no flares either.  Amazing!!!  A very lucky man.


jordiegirl said...

This post sent shivers up my spine! How foolhardy to be out in that weather when he is a non-swimmer and was not wearing his life jacket and also didn't have any flares with him.

Brilliant photos of the event - thankfully it had a happy ending.

jordiegirl said...

My sister told me they had filmed Antiques Road Show at Seaton Delaval Hall so I knew it was going to be on but not sure when however we record it each week so I knew we wouldn't miss it.