Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bodmin Jail and Fowey

Jo and Paul have been on holiday this week and worked really hard on their garden.  However a little venture out and about was in order and Bodmin Jail was mentioned.  We’d visited there for a meal while staying on the Bodmin campsite in May last year but Jo really wanted to do the tour of the jail so I drove us up to their place where we transferred to Paul’s car and made our way to Bodmin.

After looking at the Execution Shed …


we went inside the pub and paid for the tour.  The entrance was through a door by the bar and there are several levels with the cells.  Here are a selection of the photos that I took …


Then we took photos of us!


before continuing on with the tour …


We had a great time and I didn’t think it was at all spooky! 

When we came back into the pub we looked at the Menu as it was lunch-time but there were no snacky meals, it was all expensive evening-type food.  So the plan was to drive somewhere nearby and have lunch.  We kept driving and kept driving until we found ourselves in Fowey!  There were slight detours on the way but nowhere had the type of food we wanted so we just kept going!  After parking and walking down to the town we found the harbour and there was plenty of choice for us.  After a quick look out to sea and at the activity on the water …


we decided to eat in the Galleon Inn which was right by the water and the prices looked good.  It was so yummy we forgot to take any photos – just tucked in!!

After lunch we walked through the town and made our way back up towards the carpark.  We’d spotted an interesting looking building and were hoping that we could get close to see it but were unlucky as it was privately owned.  Here are a few last pictures from our day out …


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jordiegirl said...

Love the photos of the four of you!!!!!