Friday, 29 July 2011

War Graves

Each month I receive a newsletter from Lost Cousins and the latest one arrived in my inbox today. Reading through it I saw a link to the War Graves Photographic Project and I took a look at it. My great uncle John Northcote Marshall died in France in the September before the first world war ended and so I typed in his name. There he was:

Cemetery: Guards Cemetery Windy Corner Cuinchy

Country: France

Area: Pas De Calais

Rank: Private

Official Number: 37616

Unit: 8th Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment.

Force: Army

Nationality: British

6th September 1918. Age 36. Son of John Pyke Marshall and Mary Marshall. VIII. H. 18

These details were nothing new as I'd found him on the CWGC site but this time there was a gravestone accompanying it. For £3.50 I ordered a photo of his gravestone and it arrived this evening.

I admit I shed a tear when I received it.


Mac n' Janet said...

How touching. There's knowing, and then there's really knowing.

Jo Anne said...

How lovely. I think I would have cried too!

jordiegirl said...

Oh, that is lovely to have a photo of his gravestone. I'd have a shed a tear too.

I also receive the Lost Cousins Newsletter which is very interesting and informative.