Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Farewell Faithful Friend and Hello Henry

We’ve owned our Mazda MX-5 for eight and a half years and it has given us so much.  We’ve made many friends, enjoyed camping with it both in the UK and across France and Spain and experienced life in a car club.  However with Mike having problems with his eyes the time has come for the 5 to go and a replacement found which I can drive.  I’m only a little ‘short-arse’ and couldn’t reach the pedals at the same time as seeing over the steering wheel so I never managed to drive the 5.  The problem was what to replace it with.  Jo had also been looking at changing her car and she said that a Mini was ideal for me so we went looking.  While she was searching she spotted a beautiful red Mini Cooper but she opted for another car.  Henry (Cooper) was made for us!  It was love at first sight and today he became ours.  We picked him up after lunch before a trip to Eye Casualty for Mike to have some eyelashes removed and then on the way home I got behind the wheel and tried to remember how to drive!  I was very pleased with myself as I was never the most confident of drivers but I had a drive around locally and then brought us home.  Henry is now safely tucked up in our garage and I can’t wait for tomorrow when I get to drive him again.



jordiegirl said...

Henry looks very very smart - and I just love his colour as red is my absolute favourite colour.

Welcome to blogger Henry - hope to see many more posts about your exploits with Sally-Ann and Mike.

PamelaB said...

Well done, I know what a big decision this was, you should be very proud of yourself.

Mac n' Janet said...

How cute! We have a Mazda Miata too and I'm not sure my husband would give it up even if he went blind.