Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Simon, Vikki and Sara arrived yesterday evening and we all went down to Portreath beach to see in the New Year. There were only a handful of people about although there was a party going on in the surf club. We heard the countdown from the party and then the sky was filled with fireworks and paper lanterns. Simon produced a bottle of bubbly and we toasted the New Year. Hamish wasn't too happy with the fireworks but he survived the ordeal and led us home afterwards at breakneck speed!

Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers and followers x


Sage said...

Happy MMXI to you both (not forgetting Hamish) was too tired to stay up and see the fireworks but they don't seem to phase Murphy very much, he like me slept through the celebrations.. xx

jordiegirl said...

Happy New Year to you to Sally-Ann and Mike of course - oh and Hamish.