Wednesday, 29 September 2010

To Luton for Birthday Celebrations

I’d noticed a strange unit parked in our area – a converted Galaxy!!

There was a gentleman camping in it on his own and I asked him if I was seeing things. He said no it really was a Galaxy which he’d had converted at vast expense but he had sold his motorhome and car when he lost his wife. The Galaxy had been set up for two people but he couldn’t convince anyone to go camping with him!

We were soon on the road and after a stop at Reading Services for lunch, we arrived at Luton about 3ish. Both Jamie and Phill were at home as they were not well – they had bad colds. Really hope we don’t catch them!! It’s Phill’s birthday today and we went out in the evening for a meal at a Greek restaurant in Hitchin as the boys had recently returned from a holiday in Kefalonia. Simon and Vikki arrived from Hampshire and altogether it was a party of twelve plus Abigail of course!

It was a lovely evening which ended with Phill blowing the candles out on his cake while Abigail watched …


Jo Anne said...

Aaaah! Lovely!

jordiegirl said...

Lovely Sally-Ann.

That Galaxy conversion looks very good.