Thursday, 30 September 2010

Moorfields One Month Check

It was Moorfields day today which began with a train journey to London. We had to sit around for ages but Mike saw Mr Verity who was very pleased with his handiwork. Mike is having problems with his left eye as eyelashes are still in-growing and so after they were removed there was a discussion as to how to solve the situation. It looks as if he’ll have electrolysis on the rogue ones and hopefully this can be performed at Truro. He was then due to see Mr Dart but as he was on holiday it was a Mr Watson who was in charge of the Clinic. His left eye was still feeling uncomfortable so after a closer look by Mr Watson he decided that there may be a small infection and so more antibiotic drops were prescribed. After collecting his drugs from the Pharmacy we were back in a taxi and on our way home to Luton.


Jo Anne said...

It can only keep getting better from here on in! x

jordiegirl said...

Pleased to hear things are getting better with Mike's eyes.