Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Homeward Journey

It's the last day of our long weekend and today we're stopping for lunch with a friend who lives in Somerset. We left the site at Oare with completely different feelings and will most definitely be back!

As we had plenty of time we stopped at Pewsey Wharf again to walk Hamish and say a final farewell to John on Epiphany ...

We had a lovely drive in beautiful sunshine and arrived at Debbie's at one o'clock. It was great to see her and we caught up on all the gossip!

She lives deep in the countryside and has two horses - Marcus ...

and her old boy Snip aged 28!
It was a really nice break to the journey and we set off again with about two hours more to drive. The nice thing about travelling in a motorhome is that when you feel a bit sleepy you can stop and have a nap! When we got to Okehampton we decided it would be a good idea to stop and have a break so after an hour we were back on the road and arrived home just after 6pm.

We ended the day with an MX-5 pub meet at the Hawkins Arms, Zelah where we had a good turn-out of members which included a couple who had been married earlier in the day - and we thought we'd had a busy day!

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