Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dog-Sitting Day

Mark, Stuart and their dog Sharpie have been joined at their camp-site by their neighbours John and Leigh, two children Declan and Ewan and their two dogs. I offered to have all the dogs here so that they could go to Portreath beach for a surf.  I was envisaging four small dogs all playing happily together and then they arrived!!  When the car pulled up it had a miniature pony in it!  Grayson is a Leonberger – the Gentle Giant which is about 3ft in height at the withers!!!!  Their other dog was Rossie a 14 month old rescue springer spaniel who fell in love with Hamish and followed him everywhere that he went. 

After the initial investigation of their temporary home they all settled down very well.  Grayson and Sharpie the bulldog spent the morning outside in the shade …


While Rossie kept his eye on Hamish in the house …


In the afternoon I handed over the dog-sitting duties to Mike’s sister Lesley as she’d arrived to keep him company while I spent some time on the beach with the others.  The surf was great and I had a lovely time with them.  Poor John who already had a dodgy back when he arrived, stood on a weever fish and had to visit the Surf Club to get his foot treated.  He had to sit for 15 minutes with it in a bowl of hot water – as hot as he could take it.  Meantime Leigh who was enjoying the sunshine which was topping up her tan, had a seagull do the unmentionable all across her stomach!!  However they all had a fantastic time and have vowed to return to Cornwall another year.

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