Saturday, 25 February 2012

Open Day at Homefield, Portreath

We lived very close to this new development when it was just a field, kept an eye on the objections to the planning and have since watched the progress of the building.  So today it was really interesting to get a close look at the finished properties when they held an Open Day. 


We left Hamish with his Grandma and joined Jo and Paul who’d also come down for a look around.  We began with the flats which were surprisingly spacious.  A big sitting room and a lovely kitchen with electric power points that disappear into the work surface – love them!


There was also a house open to view and this was a bit disappointing.  Whereas in the flat the sitting room was at the front which overlooked all the gardens and would be sunny all day, the house had a rear sitting room which when we turned off the light was actually quite dark.  Granted it had French doors which opened onto decking but again there’d be no sun out there and no garden as such. Another point was that all the bedrooms were overlooked by the houses behind in Sunnyvale Road.  They’ve used eco-friendly radiators which looked very smart but it will be a job and a half  to keep them dust free!


The main problem with the site is that each unit only has one allocated parking place and most families have at least two cars these days.  When I asked about this we were told it was down to planning rules and second cars would have to be parked on side roads outside the gated community.  That’s not going to be very popular with the locals!!


June said...

More likely that the developers wanted to build as much houses as possible to get more money! People will probably double park rather than have a car too far from the house! Fingers crossed for you anyway!

Sage said...

Thank you for your kind comments, it would be good to meet up with you and Jo for a coffee at some point but I don't have an email address for you anymore since my old laptop went doolally..

Shame on the parking on those houses... it will make the people buying them much harder to integrate if they are having to take up other spaces xx