Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Kids Are Here!

At 6.30am my mobile rang and Jamie said hi mum we’re outside!  They’d all driven down overnight and had a clear run thankfully.  From being fast asleep I now had a house full with an extra four adults and four children – phew!  After cuppas all round and several people falling asleep we got ourselves sorted just as the last member of the party arrived – Michael.  This is a friend of Jamie and Phil’s from Luton and he, along with his two dogs, was staying at the campsite with them until Tuesday.

With the attic emptied of all their camping gear and the cars loaded up with it, we set off for Cambrose so they could check in and create their empire in the cul-de-sac.

Everyone helped and it was amazing how quickly the tents were erected …


The dogs stayed in the cars while the work was being done and then Cameron took Rosie and Poppy for a walk …


while Ozzie had a look about him that said “Can I come in yet please?”


The children went hunting for benches and then got help to carry them back …


We left them to it now and headed home to relax.  They all had fish and chips from the site for supper and then came down to us so we could walk the dogs on the beach.  It was a lovely evening …


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jordiegirl said...

Lovely post, nice to see you have your family visiting you.