Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Ironbridge and Blists Hill

Ever since we knew that we were coming to this area we were looking forward to today.  Mike has always wanted to visit Ironbridge and I loved the programme Victorian Farm which came to Blists Hill for some filming and so I wanted to see where it all happened.  We chose the best day of the week for weather as it was glorious.  We approached the bridge and it looked stunning …


I had seen a programme on tv when it was mentioned that the builder had made sure that his silhouette was included on the bridge and I think that this was it …


You can just about make out the features of a face!  We walked underneath it …


and back up to the statue …


We then crossed the bridge looking down to the river far below …


At the other side there was the Toll House …


It was now time for coffee and there just happened to be a Scottie at the table next to ours so Hamish and Fred made friends …


We then went back to the car and it was a short drive to the Victorian town – Blists Hill.


We entered here and I took so many photos that it was very difficult to pick out a few for my blog. 





We had a fabulous day and if anyone is in this area then do please visit because it is worth every penny.

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The syders said...

Fab post! Great photos. I studied iron Bridge & Blists Hill as part of my Heritage Studies at University...Wonderful place!