Friday, 6 November 2009

The Reformer - Part One

Mel had given me two sessions on the Reformer as a birthday present and so at noon today I walked over to her home to see what I'd let myself in for! All ready for me in her sitting room was this contraption which looked as if it should be in a torture chamber and I had to lie down on it! Mel explained very carefully what I had to do for each of the exercises which began quite gently and gradually got tougher. As you push on the bar at the end, the part you're laying on slides along and you can feel your body working. The worst part for me was the arm exercises. My arms were as weak as ****! Must work on them at home and try and get some strength into them - they were pathetic! Great fun though and I'm looking forward to my second session next week.

My pathetic arms ...

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Joanne said...

Wonderful - I'm very envious - I thoroughly enjoyed my reformer time - looks like you had a blast x