Monday, 31 August 2009

Bank Holiday Monday

We woke to a fabulous blue sky and sunshine and I was determined that today would be the day when I ventured into the sea for the first time this year! I know - the summer is almost over and I should have gone in ages ago. The wetsuits had been brought down from the attic when the kids arrived but we somehow never made it further than a paddle while they were staying. So the big day had dawned and when the boys came down from the campsite we donned our suits and set off for Portreath beach.

What a fantastic time we had ...

The waves were kind to us, the sun was out and we all had a great hour body boarding. After the short walk home and a snack for lunch we were both exhausted and so had a catnap in the afternoon before I went to a Pilates class in the evening. By this time I was beginning to ache all over - so much exercise in one day is definitely more than my poor old body can take!


the magic valley said...

Thanks sally-ann, i'll really miss being in the village too. it's been my whole life and security for many a year, but things change and thankfully this change is for the better. you'll have to have a road trip in your bus and come down south for a touring holiday. i know a nice couple there who would welcome you warmly xx

Cuteluc said...

Oh so jealous!!I love body boarding!! Looks as thought you had tons of fun!! :)