Friday, 8 May 2009

New Bathroom - Finished!

Since the plumber finished his part of the work on our new bathroom, Mike has been hard at it finishing the tiling, fitting the glass door and the new bath panel. It looks so different as it is now light and sparkling.

He had a few hairy moments like when he opened the penultimate box of tiles only to find that about a third of them were broken! We'd bought them ages ago so there was no way we could complain and we just kept our fingers crossed that we had enough to cover. Apart from several small bits there were just one and a half tiles left at the end! Phew!! The other problem was the bath panel. It just didn't want to fit and so the lower part of the door frame had to be cut out, a couple of tiles removed and then it went in! They don't seem to have these problems on 60 Minute Makeover!!

Anyway it turned out right in the end and now we have a super-swish new bathroom ...

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