Thursday, 5 March 2009

One Year Today!

I can't believe it is a year since I began blogging. How time flies!

It's been a strange day today with brilliant sunshine one minute and then black skies and pouring rain the next. It's also blowing a hooley and freezing cold - not a bit like last year which was lovely and sunny all day.

This year's photo shows that the sea is quite rough today and there are only two boats on moorings ...

I'm just thankful that we don't live in East Cornwall as they had snow overnight and the A30 was once again closed between Bodmin and Exeter. Oh joy!


Cuteluc said...

Happy 1 year anni. to your blog!! :) I still love it!! :)

Sage said...

Congratulations on attaining the 1 year birthday of your blog... I still like to visit it, and you when I am down that way though sadly it will be without SOH now.

sally-ann said...

Many thanks. I see you've reached the same milestone just recently too. We'd love to see you when you make it to Cornwall and so glad you're still thinking of coming down. x