Monday, 31 March 2008

It's Broke!

Well I've had the x-rays and been told that it is definitely fractured where they thought yesterday so it's off to Treliske Hospital at Truro for me tomorrow morning to see somone in the Fracture Clinic. I'm getting quite good at doing things with my left hand but I can't wait to get back to normal and this is only the second day!


John & Fiona on nb Epiphany said...

Oh dear Sally-Ann you really must take more water with it!
I well remember the fracture clinic at RCHT - I broke some bones in my foot and was sent there after spending 5 hours in casualty initially. Have fun, take care

sally-ann said...

Why does everyone say to take more water??!! Unfortunately I was very sober at 5pm - I'd probably have fallen without hurting myself if I'd had a tipple! Thanks for good wishes x